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Protect your loved ones


We provide an opportunity to protect you and your family in the event of your death. Specialized individual life insurance plans are available for our customers, either in conjunction with a large loan with a long repayment schedule, or just for the protection you want to provide for you and your family. Term life insurance is on of the least expensive types of life insurance coverage. It allows for adequate protection at an affordable cost.

Choose the plan that's right for your situation.
The plans offer flexible payment options that make them convenient and economical for your particular needs.

Single Premium Plans give you the convenience, economy, and peace of mind of a one payment premium. Level or Reducing Term SIMPLEX can provide coverage that's right for your needs -- and budget.

Mortgage Term Protection is designed to pay off your mortgage in the case of your death. Our plans protect with a level premium over the entire period of your coverage. The amount of coverage begins at the initial face value of your mortgage, then decreases annually over the term of the loan.

Level Premium Level Benefit insurance gives you protection in conjunction with temporary loans.

Our plans have other advantages, too.
Our premiums are among the most competitive in the country. You can even choose plans where coverage can be continued after your loan is paid off, so that if you ever were to become uninsurable, coverage would still be available to you simply by continuing to make your premium payments.

In addition to the single premium payment on SIMPLEX plans, our other plans offer you the payment flexibility of either a monthly bank draft, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing, or pre-paying. If you choose to pre-pay your premium, it can be financed with your loan. These payment options let you choose th approach that is best for you, so your payments will be convenient and fit you particular budget.

Ask us for more details.
We can assist you in determining the term life insurance plan that suits you best. Then, should the unexpected occur, the security your family need will be readily available.

Your family's protection and your peace of mind, just the way you would want it.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this brochure is only a summary of your coverage. Refer to your policy for the actual provisions or exclusions of your coverage.

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