Permanent Life Insurance is best for long term financial protection against death or other events which are expected or unexpected. Guaranteed premiums and level protection for a lifetime along with guaranteed cash values meet changing financial objectives are the highlights of this product. Providing the financial means to pay debts left after the loss of a loved one is very important, and doing so with tax-free death benefits is helpful. While cash values provide flexibility to adapt, they also grow tax deferred.

– Minimum Face Amount – $15,000
– Issue Ages – 0 to 85 (Age Last Birthday)
– Premiums may vary by issue age, sex, nontobacco or tobacco rates (beginning at age 15), overall health history
– Premiums, Cash Values and Death Benefits are guaranteed
– Level Death Benefit with coverage to age 120
– Premium Waiver Benefit Rider is available from age 15 to 55
– Accidental Death Benefit Rider is available from age 18 to 60